Grade 3 Student Work Area

Our blog creations have moved into Google Doc form…EXCITING! The next step will be for students have their own blog folios – a place for all their work to live and have an authentic audience. What you will be able to access is a view-only version of their work via hyperlink. We are still working on the editing process and understanding why proofreading is so important so the grammatical mistakes you may see are in working progress!!

King Papar and Ivor informative blog post about Kingston!

Here is Er’el’s informative blog post on his creative writing story and his blog on Clouded Leopards.

Here is Tobey’s Slides presentation on Boost technology.

Here is Ariel’s blog on Flamingo’s 

Here is Rachel’s creative writing The Quest for Rainbow Gems and  The Magical Forest.

Here is Emma’s work on Pollution and Water cycles and Michael Jordan.

Here is Lila and Talia’s informative post about Dr. Seuss.  The girls are continuing to edit so watch out for new fun facts or quizzes they have created.


*EDITED SEPTEMBER 2019 – Grade 3 students 2019-20

The Grade 3 class will be starting their blogging journey this week (HOW EXCITING!) This will be taught in the media literacy portion of General studies but skills to be used in all subjects. All students will start by learning and understanding about internet safety then using individual logins and using Google docs leading to the creation of their first blog post (paper blogs first)

I am super excited to get started and soon their work will be posted here so WATCH THIS SPACE!


Grade 3 students work 2018-19

Check out our new page where students in Grade 3 post their work. All of these posts have been researched, drafted and posted by Grade 3 students using a range of new technology skills plus a wide variety of literacy skills. The work is a mixture of creative tasks and the topics are selected by the individual student. I have been amazed by the quality of work produced, I hope you all agree!

There is a teacher feedback period so if you don’t see your child’s work here YET it will be coming soon.

Please take the time to read through and leave a meaningful comment (If you are unsure if your comment is meaningful, do not hesitate to ask your son/daughter, they will be happy to teach you!)

Miss M

Eliezer‘s blog post about Lizards. Check out Eliezer’s book report on Mr Popper’s Penguins. Eliezer created a post about the NHL. Eliezer and Emet C-M also worked on their research skills creating this informative doc about Thunder Bay. 

Adam’s blog teaching us about his life with Crohns. Here, Adam share’s our system in Grade 3.

Joel’s blog sharing his knowledge about Beyblades

Alora’s blog about Fashion!

Benny’s blog on super cars!

Lily’s blog on Safari animals. Lily also created an informative booklet about London, Ontario. Next, Lily showed her research and group work skills with this non-fiction piece on Penguins.

Adam L’s blog on Vex.  Plus here is his blog on Beyblades.

Georgia and Emmett share their research and knowledge on Toronto.

Jack’s blog on Fortnite.

Eden’s independent research on Penguins.

Zoe’s working progress on Air Pollution!

Charlotte’s speech from when she taught Grade 1 how to make comments on blogs. Charlotte presented her paper blog then created rules and an example to show the grade 1 students how to comment on blog posts.

Sarah-Amanda and Charlotte show their research skills when creating an information booklet about Kitchener.

Check out Sarah-Amanda, Georgia and Talia’s blog post on Penguins.

WOW! Sam did an amazing job documenting his trip to Israel over the Passover break 2019. Well done Sam. Check out Sam’s song he created on Chrome Music Lab.

Check out Sam’s post on Sport cars. Adam L and Sam worked together on their informative research project about Waterloo, Ontario.

Sacha and Jack made super cute post about puppies!

Sacha and Jack collaborated again on another passion of theirs… this time hockey!