Grade 3 dictée – lundi le 4 novembre

Grade 3:



Dictée # 2: lundi le 4 novembre



  1. Spell the word in French.
  2. Translate the word into English (no marks for spelling).
  3. Spell the word in French and translate into English.



  1. la colle- the glue
  2. le casier – the locker
  3. les ciseaux- the scissors
  4. le pupitre – the student’s desk
  5. le bureau- the teacher’s desk/the office
  6. la poubelle – the garbage can

October Homework

October is month full of celebrations and time to be with family.

In our OJCS homework policy, it is stated that homework is not to be set over holidays. With this in mind, for the month of October:

General Studies:

I will be setting weekly general studies homework as usual but the amount will be reduced and there will be NO WEEKLY MATH QUIZZES.

Math quizzes will resume in November.


Morah Sigal will continue to set daily reading on the days children are in school (as usual this will not be set on a Friday)


Monsieur P will be adjusting as follows:

Given Wednesday October 2nd and due Friday October 11th.
Given Wednesday October 16th and due Friday October 25th
Any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to email or comment below.
Miss M


Blogger of the Week – ZOE!


On Monday we went to Macskimming for our Pioneer day. it was so fun. We traveled on the bus to the forest and there were so many bugs! We all met inside the log cabin and met our leader his name was Andrew. First, we went to the school house and had to sing God Save the Queen. Miss M was really out of tune! She said it has been years since she sang it. We had to sing this because people from Britain settled here first and that was their anthem. Then we did cursive writing with a quill and ink. A quill is a feather.


Then we walked through the forest and learned about what we can use from the land to survive. Then we built a log cabin. That was so cool. After lunch, we made spinning tops and then we had to do pioneer children’s chores. We had to saw and drill into the wood then carry water buckets on our shoulders, use a wheelbarrow to move ice blocks and finally crush up corn to make flour. It was so tiring.


My least favorite thing was going to school…Guess what!? At school, they made us write with our Right hand. me sam and lily write with our left hand. It was so hard!


On Tuesday, first, we had general studies. In General studies we practice our cursive writing. We really enjoyed cursive writing at Macskimming so Mrs. Bennett decided to teach us all of the alphabets in cursive. We had to write a journal entry about macskimming in cursive… it was so hard!

Here is the blogger of the week presenting about the blogger of the week:

After we had phys ed. In phys ed, we played castle ball. It’s where you’re split up into 2 groups and you have to build a castle using only 6 hula hoops it was very fun. Then the teams try to knock them down with dodgeballs and you have to defend your castle.

Next was French we watched a movie with Mr. Bruno called Recess. It’s about a group of kids in school who are trying to get the evil teachers out who want the school to stay open all summer!

Next, we had Hebrew in Hebrew first we did Tefillah After Tefillah we worked in are ספך. That means ‘book’ in Hebrew.

(then it was home time yay 🙂



On Wednesday we had Hebrew first in Hebrew first we did Tefillah here are the songs we usually do in Tefillah like מוֹדה ‏אני מה טבו יגדל אשרי אדון עולם ‏שמע ישׂר עלינו

Then  after tefillah we worked on our blue book.

In English we worked on our cursive writing. We are doing this thing in our class called the great Canadian mail race and guess what someone in our class got a letter back here is a picture of the letter.


We had music with Mr. R. In music we learned about world music. We listened to different music styles and we had to guess which country they came from. We were pretty good!


In the afternoon, we had French. In French, we finished our French movie and then the grade 4 class came in to present their French skits. They were funny and really good!


I led the anthems today:

First, we continued with our cursive writing practice. Then we did a reading circle with Mrs. Bennett and learned about pioneer jobs. Some included a Wainwright (we heard about this on our field trip on Monday!), a blacksmith, a tailor and many more.

Then we had gym and it was our first summer class outside! Everyone was really excited. Some people played soccer, some people played baseball, I played wall ball. I hope we get to go outside more.

Ms Cleveland came to do math with the class. We were excited to tell her about our letter from New Brunswick. Then we did a math class all about distance and estimations. Did you know that from Ottawa to Nova Scotia, it is 1,436 km? I guessed 1,449km. I was only 13km away.

In French, we presented our French recipes. We used what we know about the foods in French such as; une pomme, une banane, bon bons, les guimauves, les fraises and many more. We also used verbs such as; couper, colle, placer, trempe, ajoute et manger.

In the afternoon we had Hebrew. We did our reading homework and practised our writing with Morah Sigal’s questions of the day. Then a group went with Miss M to work on the Roots project. I can’t tell you too much because it is a surprise but you will see very soon what we have worked on.

I also finished my paper blog today! Here I am with it:



We started the morning with Hebrew. We did Tefillah and then the Parashah.

Then we went to art and finished our fruit project. Here is a Pic Collage of what we learned about our next project:

Next, we had the Shinshinim. We learned about…

After we had French. The recipe that won was the Ice-Cream Oreo sandwich. It was delicious! the people who won were Georgia Benny and last but not least was….. Eliezer . to bad Eliezer wasn’t there.

In the afternoon we had English with Mrs. Bennett. We did…cursive writing we did F and G it’s was so fun here’s a picture of my friend doing her cursive writing

Then Mrs. Bennet said when we finish our cursive writing we can do…..story writing! Everyone in our class loves story writing. I am working with Lily on a story.

Thank you for reading my blog… oh wait… I forgot about something… what is it again? umm??? Oh yeah, Monica and Olivia finished their blogs. Yay! Here they are:




Hello! I am Adam and I am the Grade 3 blogger this week! Monday was Victoria Day so we got a longer weekend I had a sleepover with my friend Gabriel Tal then we watched Avengers Endgame. It was a good movie then I had a playdate with Gabriel then I went back home.

So we started school this week on Tuesday. We started the day with silent reading in English. In Grade 3 we love to read. Here is a pic collage.


Now where doing fables we are making our own fable I’m so excited! Here is a picture of what we need to add. What should my fable be about? All I know is that I want to add a hippo.

My moral will be:slow and steady wins the race.

Now we’re in library, We did a workshop about Digital Footprints. Did you know that you are not always in control of what is put online about you!? 

Next we’re doing gym. We played four corner soccer here is pic collages.

My friend Joel did a blog last week. Here he is presenting a video. He did a great job!

My friend Adam L brought in a birds nest here’s a pic collage.


In math, my group is Benny and Joel here’s what we did so far. We are learning about Fractions. Here’s a photo I was losing 🙁 but my group was supportive!

We finished first so we played a matching game with fractions

In the afternoon we are in Hebrew. Here is a picture of some of the work.

Now where doing tefilah where doing יגדל.



In English, we are finishing our ‍magical ‍‍‍day stories. It’s where we make up characters and setting and make a story of it. Here’s a PicCollage of some of the work:

In music class the teacher sang the song rock song it goes like this “la la la la la this is my rock song la la la la la this is my rock song” and it keeps going and going. He was being silly!

We learnt about The Beatles and practised our beats. I am getting really good! In English we went to the computer lab it was fun. We got to work on our blog posts for Miss M and play math games! Finally, in French we we’re doing partner bingo I hope I’ll win.



Here is a video of me leading the anthems:

We had gym it was fun! We played Galactica here’s a action shot:

Now we’re doing math here’s a pic of the workshop. Ms Cleveland came in today to teach us more about Fractions.


Morah Sigal starts the day with the Parashah.

Here we are in Art. Grade 3 love art! Look how colourful our fruit are.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Grandparents and Special Friend’s day!

The Grade 3 team had so much fun last week welcoming grandparents and special friends into our classroom. Here are a few snaps from our rooms and of the beautiful Art show (Thank you Morah Shira!)

I would like to extend a huge thank you, to all grandparents and special friends who were able to attend, for being such amazing support for the Grade 3 class… it means so much to them.

Check out Joel’s blog to find out what each station was about:


Hi I am Joel, the Grade 3 blogger of the week.

Grandparents and special friends day

On Monday it was Grandparents Day. This is where grandparents and special friends come and do class with us. There was an art show too. We are split up into different rooms, my room was the cafeteria and we have to solve the Hebrew puzzles. We have different partners. My partner is my dad. We did very good work together. I love my dad.

Our next station is bingo, and I got a bingo. We had to hear morah Sigal says the words and we have to look at our cards and see if we have it or not.

Our next next station is making a chamsa – the helping hand. We first had is to grab half of the hand and cut it out. Next we had to take a paper and glue on the chamsa

Here is a funny pic of Benny with his huge Watermelon!

Science and technology with Mr Ray

In class we watched a video of Israel’s population. Then we played on the IPad a game called co.spaces. We have to make a city on the Moon. It is so cool! I can’t wait to do it again.


In Hebrew we are working on our houses, this is my house. This is the last day to do it. I love my house.


In General studies, we heard watched last week’s blogger present. Then we had to write ten lines in ten minutes. Then we presented our public speaking speeches. We then had time to do quiet reading.


On Tuesday we read books. Then I led the anthems and we also listen to Mrs.Gordon about being supportive. We read literary books about why should we have windmills near the park why not. After we counted the books we read for the reading challenge.


We go to the computer lab to do documents and finish blog posts. After I played a video game called vex it was so fun and there was a funny part when I tried to jump to a locked act and it was so funny.


We are about to go to the Library here is a Pic Collage of different books. We are doing a project called book in a bag it’s about you have book and you describe it.


In gym we play four corner capture the flag. There are teams of five and we have to get six bean bags and your team has to steal the bean bags.


We are learning about fractions. We also had a turn on the smart board to write the fractions. That was really fun!


We are finishing our vegetable worksheet today. After we read our French play called les animaux du bayou.


We are playing a game when morah Sigal throws a ball to someone. Two people had a turn and morah Sigal did a funny catch! We do our homework writing.


In Hebrew we did our homework writing then we did T’filah here is a video.

After T’filah we had snack my snack. I had goldfish crackers for snack.
My favourite snack is seesaw crackers.

Then we had Torah writing and my partner was Adam.We did a section all alone!

At recess my favourite thing to at recess is … Beyblades!

So during English miss M was Mrs Bennett today! We did some math stations my partners were Adam,Sam,and Zoe.
My favourite station was Zap Zut but everything was fun.

For music Mr R was hilarious today he did improv for about three minutes. We played freeze dance at the end of music it was so so fun.



Miss M was Mrs Bennett again today. Mrs Bennett was at a Math conference. We did Math jeopardy which was fun. It was word problems using addition, subtraction, time, division and multiplication. Then we started a new creative writing project making our own fables.

We went to Hillel Lodge with Morah Sigal and we did baking with the residents.


We did T’filah and then we ate snack recess time!
We did group work with Morah Batya
Then we got to eat our baking form Hillel Lodge! It was so yummy!


In French we read about three teens going to Vancouver then we did not have enough time to play a game. I love French!

We started to make our own fables with Miss M and some people presented their ‘magical day’ piece of writing.
We got so many happy faces this week we got free time at the end of the day! I played with my friends.

Hope you enjoyed my blog post about Grade 3 and enjoyed all the fun things we do!