Verbs practice – תִּרְגּוּל פְּעָלִים

Ha’Shavuah B’Kitah Gimmel

This week in Hebrew class we worked on learning how to distinguish verbs that are singular, plural, male, and, female. The students worked in groups to prepare games to help us learn the new verbs we learned, and how to use them depending on who they are talking to, or about. We are looking forward to playing our games next week!

Hebrew project

Shalom Parents,
In the next few weeks we will starting a project on the topic of “Ani Gadol” or, “Growing Up”.
For the purpose of this project the students are asked to bring to class three pictures of them growing up. One picture of them as a baby, one picture of them as a toddler, and one picture of them now.
If you could please send the pictures with your child by next Friday November 8th so that we can start with the project the following week. If you cannot send hard copy pictures you can forward them to me by email.
Toda Raba,
 Morah Sigal


This week in Kitah Gimmel

This week Kitah Gimmel was been busy learning about Yom Kippur. We spent time learning about the five tefillot of Yom Kippur, as well as the importance of reflecting on the relationship we have with ourselves, with G-d, and with our friends. Another theme discussed this week was Lashon Hara (talking badly about our friends, gossip). We played the game broken telephone to gain a better understanding of how easy it is to unintentionally pass the wrong message.

Gmar Chatima Tova,

Morah Sigal

Grade 3 Rosh Hashanah


This week our class has been preparing for Rosh Hashanah by learning the Tefillot (prayers), and the difference between the blessings for Yom Tov and the regular brachot we say when there are no holidays. We also learned about Tashlich and how we spend this time of year thinking about how we can be better versions of ourselves.

Shana Tova ,

Morah Sigal


Roots Project for Hebrew

Shalom yeladim and parents of kitah gimmel,

Over the next few months our class will be working on a project on the theme of ‘roots’, to gain a better understanding of their familial lineage, and as a part of my Professional Growth Plan. The students will need help from you – their parents, to find pictures, interesting family stories or articles, as well as communication with other family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.) that they can speak to. Students will be given guidance throughout each stage of the project. The final task will be to compile a digital book that combines each stage of the project. The final project will be in both English and Hebrew.

I will be in touch after the winter break to provide more information,

Have a wonderful winter vacation!