Math: Would You Rather?

Today in Math class we warmed our brains up with a Would You Rather problem.


We encourage you to comment below saying which you would rather AND explain why!

(don’t read our answer until you’ve commented your answer!)

In Grade 3, we decided that a nickel for every day is better because during the months with 31 days, you would end up with $1.55. This means some months you would get 5 more cents than the option of $1.50 per month. 

One Reply to “Math: Would You Rather?”

  1. Hi grade 3!

    This was definitely a tough one!
    I chose a nickel for every day of my life, because in months with 31 days I would get more money, and also every 4 years, leap years, I would get 5 cents more again!

    Thanks for warming up my brain today too!

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