Blogger of the week – NOAH!

Welcome to my blog, my name is Noah.

Today is Monday and we are working on our structures.  Here are some of the examples of our structures:

Now we are working on our Hebrew project.

Today we are doing gym class. We are playing a soccer game.

This is a French class. My friend Tobey helped take these pictures.

Here we are in English reading our novel study book The BFG.

Here are some videoes of our Tefillah:

Thank you for reading. Please leave some comments and tell me what me and my friends can do next.



3 Replies to “Blogger of the week – NOAH!”

  1. Hi Noah,

    What a wonderful summary of your week at school!

    I hope someone covers the Winter Fun Day next week 🙂

  2. Hi Noah,
    I loved your blog. Your pictures really helped created a nice visual of what your class was up to this week. What was your favourite thing that you did? How’s your structure coming along. You mentioned that you are working on Hebrew Projects, what are they about?

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