Harry Potter and an Afternoon with Grade 3

Today, Ayala and her friends enjoyed a magical afternoon of Harry Potter with Miss M. Ayala won the prize at the teacher raffle and chose 4 friends to join her.

Students arrived to footprints and a version of Marauders Map where they had to solemnly swear they were up to no good… Miss M had organised lots of mischief!!! Dragon Eggs needed to be decorated, selfies with favourite books and wands to be made; plus many treats from (Kosher!) Honeydukes to be enjoyed. With the Chamber of Secrets playing in the background, Ayala and friends laughed and chatted all afternoon and went home with air of magic surrounding them…

3 Replies to “Harry Potter and an Afternoon with Grade 3”

  1. Alora, I am so proud of you!

    Great retelling of a week in your life at school. I could tell you really enjoyed blogging by your descriptions of daily events and picture collages.
    Plus the fact that you have been looking forward to your turn as “ Blogger of the week”.

    I believe in you.


  2. Thanks, Alora. We love hearing about your school life! You did a great job reporting.

    Jane and Patrick — your Toronto grandparents.

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