Hello! I am Adam and I am the Grade 3 blogger this week! Monday was Victoria Day so we got a longer weekend I had a sleepover with my friend Gabriel Tal then we watched Avengers Endgame. It was a good movie then I had a playdate with Gabriel then I went back home.

So we started school this week on Tuesday. We started the day with silent reading in English. In Grade 3 we love to read. Here is a pic collage.


Now where doing fables we are making our own fable I’m so excited! Here is a picture of what we need to add. What should my fable be about? All I know is that I want to add a hippo.

My moral will be:slow and steady wins the race.

Now we’re in library, We did a workshop about Digital Footprints. Did you know that you are not always in control of what is put online about you!? 

Next we’re doing gym. We played four corner soccer here is pic collages.

My friend Joel did a blog last week. Here he is presenting a video. He did a great job!

My friend Adam L brought in a birds nest here’s a pic collage.


In math, my group is Benny and Joel here’s what we did so far. We are learning about Fractions. Here’s a photo I was losing 🙁 but my group was supportive!

We finished first so we played a matching game with fractions

In the afternoon we are in Hebrew. Here is a picture of some of the work.

Now where doing tefilah where doing יגדל.



In English, we are finishing our ‍magical ‍‍‍day stories. It’s where we make up characters and setting and make a story of it. Here’s a PicCollage of some of the work:

In music class the teacher sang the song rock song it goes like this “la la la la la this is my rock song la la la la la this is my rock song” and it keeps going and going. He was being silly!

We learnt about The Beatles and practised our beats. I am getting really good! In English we went to the computer lab it was fun. We got to work on our blog posts for Miss M and play math games! Finally, in French we we’re doing partner bingo I hope I’ll win.



Here is a video of me leading the anthems:

We had gym it was fun! We played Galactica here’s a action shot:

Now we’re doing math here’s a pic of the workshop. Ms Cleveland came in today to teach us more about Fractions.


Morah Sigal starts the day with the Parashah.

Here we are in Art. Grade 3 love art! Look how colourful our fruit are.

Thank you for reading my blog!

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  1. What a great blog post Adam! I enjoyed your use of pictures, video and text (and even a little Hebrew)! Did you learn anything new to put this blog post together? Would you do anything differently if/when you next get a chance to blog?

    Great job!

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