Blogger of the Week – OLIVIA!


On Monday we had our model Seder we had a fun time. We had a great time singing songs Miss M hid the afcoman. Adam P found the afcoman he gave everyone a little piece of the afcoman. The play was amazing and everyone did so well!

In the afternoon, we had math we played time bingo Benny won the game. After, we had creative time in groups or partners. Talia and Monica presented a story. It was so funny!


We have English first thing in the morning the first thing we do is read. We love reading. After that the blogging group went to do their blog. We love the blogging group . Eliezer was the first to be done, his blog is about Lizards. My blog is on Minecraft I am almost done. In the group is Lily, Monica, Benny, Adam T, Joel, Alora, Zoe and I.

Today is Zoe’s birthday Zoe brought popsicles.

After recess, we went to the Library then we went outside.

After, we have gym we are doing stations. There is hokey, spike ball, skipping, hola hope,s,bean bag toss. We love gym. After we are playing time bingo.

Benny is the first caller for bingo. We love time bingo Joel, Lily and Jack won the game.

Now we have French class. Mr.P just came back from New York City. We are playing a game. We have messed up sentences. We do it with our French play my group is Sam, Talia, Charlotte, Adam P, and myself . In French we are playing a game on are French play called les animaux du bayou. We are almost finished the practise for the play.

We have shinshinim, we are playing a game where you watch a video about the four sons after the video is done you need to find the afcoman… I was the one who found it!


We had Hebrew first thing in the morning we started the day of with a game we’re mora segal throws a ball  and gives you a question such as ‘how many people have glasses in the class’. It is in Hebrew and we have to reply in Hebrew. We can ask a friend to help.

Then we had English, we went to the computer lab to work on out blogs and reading reports. After that we had quiet reading time. Then we watched more about the Passover story.

In music, we played a game where you listen to a song and guess what group of music it was from. We had more time to practice on the drums.

In the afternoon we had English with Miss Bennett and French with Mr.P. We are listening to a story and then we are doing the journal for five minutes. The story is called the neighbor Oskar. I love stories in French and English.

Sorry the blog was so short this week, I am leaving for New York on Thursday! MAybe I will tell you all about my trip when I get back!

4 Replies to “Blogger of the Week – OLIVIA!”

  1. Great blog post Olivia!

    I love how you used Pic-Collage for both video and pictures to document your week!

    Did you learn any new skills during your week as “guest blogger”? Did you learn anything about yourself as a learner? Will there be anything you learned that will carry into your regular role as “student”?

    What advice would you give a first time guest-blogger?

    I look forward to seeing the next one!

    1. Thank you very much Dr.Mitzmacher.

      Yes,I learned how to use pic.collage. Yes I am a visual learner so I love to look at pictures and videos. I will be using more capital letters in all my work. I would say to a new blogger of the week to get lots of information so the blog is full.

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