A Special Visit to Hillel Lodge


As you all know by now, we had a very special visit to Hillel Lodge last week. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined the Grade 3 students and residents of Hillel Lodge in a pre-Rosh Hashanah event. We learned how to braid challah for the Ottawa Kosher Food Bank. The children enjoyed meeting an important Canadian leader. It was wonderful to see the Prime Minister take time to talk with each student and resident. I loved watching how proud one student was to introduce his great bubby to the Prime Minister. Another student was happy that the Prime Minister remembered going to his house a few years ago for Rosh Hashanah and asked how his family was doing. Following are their impressions: “It was cool meeting the Prime Minister, he was really nice. I had a lot of fun!”, ” I liked meeting Prime Minister Trudeau, he talked to all us.” It was a special afternoon, and a beautiful way to start the new school year!

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